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If you are one of the growing army of grey nomads discovering, or hoping to discover, the joys of the open road in this wonderful country, then this site is for you. Whether you are a baby boomer travelling indefinitely, choosing to spend the winter months up north, or simply enjoying a few short trips a year, you are part of the growing grey nomad community in Australia. Whether you are travelling in a caravan, motorhome, campervan, camper trailer, fifth wheeler or a tent, this site is the place to read about people like yourselves … and about the issues affecting the grey nomad lifestyle in Australia.

In The Spotlight


Photographers given ‘power’ to win superb Briggs & Stratton generator

The most powerful, prize-laden photo competition in the history of the Grey Nomads website is up and running … and already attracting some...

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Nomad News

Self-composting toilets like this are located at four Inskip Point camping areas. PIC: Queensland Government
27 Nov

Are composting toilets making campers sick?

A lot of grey nomads don’t particularly enjoy a trip to the composting toilets found in many camping areas … and the horror stories surrounding an allegedly malfunctioning loo at Queensland’s Inskip Point won’t particularly help matters. Some campers claim...

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Choosing a Rig


What to look for in a rig

As grey nomad numbers surge, so does the choice of rigs available. To the uninitiated or the inexperienced it’s a dizzying decision. With so much to choose from how do you know what is right for you? A few considerations...

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Grey Nomad Characters

Grey nomads

Lyn and Phil (Tassie case study)

Lyn & Phil are on a three-month trip to Tassie … their third in 12 years How much was the crossing? We boarded the Spirit on December 2, a few days before the peak rate and, at approxi­mately $840 return...

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