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Campers urged to keep an eye out for snakes

The numerous warnings about the number of snakes on the prowl this summer have been given greater resonance by a frightening incident at... Read more

Free Stuart camping moves front and centre

The tourism slowdown is certainly helping to change the way some Outback communities treat long-term caravanners and motorhomers. In another encouraging sign that... Read more

Renovation for resort at rock

With Australian tourism in something of a slump, changes are being made to the way the country is marketed and the sort of... Read more

Controversy over camel cull heats up

The culling of thousands of camels in Central Australia recently is continuing to spark controversy and heated debate. Since Federal Government contractor Ninti... Read more

Lower limits on the cards for dirt roads

A proposal to reduce the speed limits on South Australian dirt roads has come under fire. The Transport Department is considering whether to... Read more

Aussies robbed in NZ free camp

Here’s a tale from New Zealand that will give us all the shivers. It seems that two Australian tourists have been robbed at... Read more

Coastal van parks on the edge in the UK

It seems that Australia’s coastal van parks aren’t the only ones facing an uncertain future in the face of rising sea levels and... Read more

People power to the rescue

A magnificent but neglected coastal caravan park looks set to get the facelift it desperately needs … thanks to people power. It took... Read more

Snakebite tragedy prompt eastern brown warning

A Queensland woman has died after being bitten by an unidentified snake … but people are being warned that an unusually high number... Read more

Coast guards needed for another van park

Another coastal van park has been identified as a likely future victim of coastal erosion. Regional councillors in Bundaberg, Queensland, are calling for... Read more

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