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Grey nomads at The Spit

Free campers ignore signs at The Spit on Gold Coast

The battle to stop free camping at the Gold Coast’s ‘Spit’ has cranked up another gear with travellers reportedly ignoring warning signs and... Read more


Caravan blown over by high winds on bridge

Strong winds have caused a caravan to flip as it crossed a busy bridge in Tasmania. While the van was a refreshment vehicle... Read more

Peak Charles in WA

Couple found alive after 10 days lost in remote WA

A camping couple missing in remote Western Australia for the past 10 days have been found alive. Police called off the search for... Read more

Channel Country in flood

Where there’s a will (and this beauty), there’s a way

The rains have been heavy and prolonged, the wildflowers have bloomed, and – despite the fact that many roads have been closed at... Read more

Python saps power from the people in Katherine

Grey nomads and others in the Northern Territory town of Katherine experienced a power outage for about 30 minutes thanks to a hungry... Read more

Deadly disease threatens the wombat population

As scientists have been fighting to save the Tasmanian devil from extinction, it seems that another native species is under threat from a potentially... Read more

Part-time grey nomads

‘Full-time grey nomadding was too much for us!’

After seven months on the road as full-timers, Norm and Jenny decided they needed a base and they now appreciate both their trips and... Read more

Off-road caravans loved by grey nomads

When is an off-road van not an off-road van?

Grey nomad and unsealed road enthusiast, Phil J, finds all is not what it could be – or should be – in the... Read more

Grey nomads, mozzies

Are you still in the north? Watch out for mozzie surge

For grey nomads still lingering in the north, health authorities have an urgent warning: ‘Watch out for mozzies!’ Experts say a combination of... Read more

Ambitious project will return island to natives

As celebrations to commemorate 400 years since Dirk Hartog landed in Australia get underway this weekend in Shark Bay, plans are afoot to... Read more

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