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Grey nomad thieves

‘Greedy grey nomads are slowly ruining the Big Lap’

Long-term grey nomad Taurus B has seen a bit during his two years on the open road … and not all of it... Read more

Old Onslow townsite

‘Stop, grey nomads! Old buildings are interesting’

Australian bush is littered with the ruins of old buildings and the rusting remnants of curious structures. All too often, grey nomads and... Read more

Kenilworth camping for grey nomads

David V Goliath farm vows to keep campsite open

A Sunshine Coast dairy farmer has hit back hard against council attempts to shut down the campsite he runs on his property to... Read more

Grey nomads free camp

Would a $10 fee put you off this ‘free’ camping area?

With plans afoot to introduce a $10 fee at a hitherto free camping area between Stanthorpe and Warwick in Queensland, a wider debate... Read more

Grey nomads gems and gold

Treasure-seeking grey nomads strike Big Lap gold

After taking early retirement in 2015, Dave and Ruth Manning couldn’t wait to hitch up their caravan and go seek their fortune on... Read more

grey nomads in fire drama

Caravanning couple unhurt after car catches fire

A caravanning couple have managed to escape unharmed after their car caught fire on the South Eastern Freeway near Adelaide. After spending two... Read more

Motorhome theft

‘We returned from a walk to find motorhome ransacked’

Most long-term grey nomads travelling with all manner of important documentation and equipment  know they can be  a natural target for opportunistic thieves... Read more

Great Barrier Reef

Reef valuation adds fuel to ‘nature V develop’ debate

With debate raging over the creeping commercialisation of our national parks, the just-announced dollar valuation of the Great Barrier Reef has thrown yet... Read more

Grey nomads and caravan convoys

‘I saw crazy caravanners nearly cause a tragedy!’

There has been a spate of terrible caravan accidents recently, and grey nomad Wally S nearly saw another one. And he knows exactly... Read more

Larry the Lobster

‘For Sale’ Larry the Lobster still a big, big drawcard

Some people love them and some people hate them, but Australia’s Big Things have indisputably become a conversation-starting feature of the grey nomad... Read more

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