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Caravan reversing accident in car park

Caravanner gets car park manoeuvre badly wrong

Towing a caravan in busy towns and cities can be quite a challenge. There can be narrow streets, sharp turns, unhelpful other drivers... Read more

Flaggy Rock campsite

We caretake at a campsite that’s cheap, and cheerful!

Grey nomads love to debate the relative merits of camping in caravan parks as opposed to the more budget-friendly alternatives. While those in... Read more

Great Western Plains

NSW region set to embrace low-cost camping area era

Another regional area has recognised the huge importance of grey nomads to its local economy and looks set to roll out a new... Read more

Spirit of Tasmania for grey nomads

Tassie tourism booms, but are grey nomads on board

It may still be a bit chilly for most grey nomads to be thinking about a trip to Tassie but all the indications... Read more

Barringun Hotel for sale and grey nomads excited

End of era at Outback pub popular with grey nomads

The oldest publican in Australia has announced plans to sell the legendary Outback hostelry that has become a hugely popular place for grey... Read more

National Park for grey nomads

Why are national park fees so high? This doesn’t help!

With national parks budgets generally pretty stretched, the battle to offer visitors the access and the facilities they want at a reasonable cost... Read more

Mackay and grey nomads

Van parks ‘unshackled’ as town woos grey nomads

Mackay Regional Council in Queensland is poised to slash the red tape around caravan parks and camping areas in a bid to lure... Read more

A new campsite will soon open at Connolly Dam

Nomad-friendly campsite to open at Queensland dam

With the local council looking to create an extra revenue stream, a new campground at Connolly Dam south or Warwick in Queensland is... Read more

Grey nomads and drowsy driving

Is it time tired drivers were treated like drunk drivers?

The sheer distances involved in travelling Australia means that many grey nomads are tempted to drive for longer times than they should …... Read more

grey nomads and a yacht

‘We’re grey nomads and blue nomads … and life couldn’t be better’

While retirees David and Jackie Francis love nothing more than driving off into the sunset in their campervan, sailing off into the sunset... Read more

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