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scrub python near Cairns

Monster snake stops traffic … and gets very famous!

A massive  python has stopped traffic in a remote area north of Cairns … and also created a social media frenzy. Since the... Read more

Heatwave to affect grey nomads

Has this summer just got a bit too hot to handle?

Most grey nomads love the year-round sunshine a cleverly planned Big Lap can deliver … but sometimes the endless summer can get too... Read more

Computer for grey nomads

Are grey nomads falling into the technology trap?

Travelling through remote Australia in a caravan or motorhome remains an incredible adventure. The distances are huge and the variety of both the... Read more

Mackay roundabout

Mackay poised to make new roundabout statement

In the battle to draw grey nomads into towns, innovation and creativity is the name of the game and the north Queensland town... Read more

Bats in charters towers

Nightmare on every street … as bats ‘invade’ town

The invasion of the north Queensland town of Charters Towers by a huge colony of flying foxes has been likened to something out... Read more

rubbish in national parks

‘Tis the season to turn parks into rubbish dumps

The Christmas season brings huge amount of holidaying campers to pristine parts of Australia but, unfortunately, it also brings huge amounts of unwanted... Read more

Grey nomad finds gold at Durikai State Forest fossicking

‘I may not be rich yet … but prospecting is pure gold’

Could this be the start of another gold rush in which ‘old timers’ in their caravans and motorhomes hotfoot it to Warwick to... Read more

Campsite trees

Campsite vandalism taken to new level by tree felling

A mind-boggling act of senseless vandalism has shocked authorities in Victoria. Five trees, some more than 100-years-old, have been illegally cut down at... Read more

Water quality in Katherine investigated

Is Katherine’s water woes scaring grey nomads off?

Fears are growing that ongoing revelations about the extent of local water contamination will deter grey nomads and other travellers from stopping at... Read more

caravan sales

In RV salespeople we trust, but how reliable are they?

As the number of horrific caravan accidents on our roads continues to climb, the search for ways to reduce the carnage grows ever... Read more

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