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Grey nomads head west

Is the ‘wild’ West winning back grey nomads?

Western Australia’s tourism industry has been doing it tough for a while now but new figures show positive signs, with the first increase... Read more

Cahills Crossing

High drama at notorious croc-infested crossing

The Northern Territory’s notorious Cahills Crossing has seen its fair share of terrifying incidents over the years … but few more dramatic than... Read more

New bollard re-ignites free camping ban debate

The ongoing debate about free camping in Tasmania looks set to rumble on for some time yet. Just three months after it banned... Read more

Campsite fire

Quick-thinking locals stop escaped campfire disaster

The danger that can be posed by campfires if they are not well attended has been graphically illustrated by a blaze at Brunswick... Read more

Caravan fire

Woman suffers smoke inhalation in caravan fire

A terrifying incident in rural Victoria has served as a terrifying reminder of just how vulnerable caravan parks and mobile home villages are... Read more

bus for grey nomads

‘We’ll keep travelling for as long as we possibly can’

It’s certainly not been all plain sailing for Malcolm and Pauline Coe since they hit the open road full-time back in 2010 …... Read more

Grey nomad tolls

Road tolls in, rego fees out. Is this the road to follow?

The prospect of massive changes to the way Australian roads are financed that could see vehicle registration fees scrapped is once again firmly... Read more

Betoota pub for grey nomads

The long wait is over … Betoota Hotel to re-open!

One of the most isolated pubs in Australia is set to re-open its doors within weeks, although it won’t be serving  beer …... Read more

Fraser Island dingoes and grey nomads

When will people learn? 4WD’er feeds dingo chips!

Just weeks after a leading researcher warned that the behaviour of dingoes was changing as drought created a scarcity of food, visitors on... Read more

lottery luck

Grey nomads win lottery … for the second time!

Who said lottery luck lightning doesn’t strike twice? Certainly not the grey nomad couple who have just won $150,000 … only months after... Read more

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