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Grey nomads shocked by kangaroo attack

Roo ‘rises from the dead’ to injure Good Samaritan

Travellers are being warned of the potential danger posed by kangaroos after one of the marsupials ‘came back from the dead’ to attack... Read more

Grey nomads spending

Grey nomads tight-fisted? Not according to the data!

New statistics just released by the Port Hedland Visitor Centre appear to blow the ‘urban myths’ surrounding the supposed miserly ways of grey... Read more

Princess HIghway caravan park

Over-eager caravan seller causes traffic mayhem

A caravan ‘incident’ has caused traffic chaos on a Melbourne highway … but not for the reason you might expect. Rather than some... Read more

Gold nugget find gives hope to grey nomads

Retiree’s gold nugget joy gives hope to prospectors

Every grey nomad who travels with a pick, some sort of metal detector, or a sieve in their rig will be hitting the... Read more

Inskip Point collapse

Massive chunk of beach near campsite collapses

Another massive chunk of beach next to a hugely popular Queensland camping area has disappeared into the sea. The latest collapse at Inskip... Read more

Grey nomads and snakes

Warmer weather snake warning for grey nomads

As the weather heats up, grey nomads and other travellers are being urged to be especially wary of snakes. The reptiles are on... Read more

Driver distraction on Great Ocean Road

Is grisly dead fox display putting lives in danger?

Australian roadsides are littered with eye-catching sights ranging from rusted car sculptures to over-sized concrete bananas, but can these attractions prove to be... Read more

Outback roadhouses for sale

Outback roadhouses are worth an ‘absolute motza’

Those dusty remote Outback roadhouses that break a weary grey nomad’s journey may often look a little frayed around the edges … but... Read more

Caravan rollover near Dubbo

Two suffer minor injuries in dramatic caravan rollover

Two people suffered minor injuries after their caravan rolled near Dubbo in New South Wales yesterday. Police said the 56-year-old driver and 58-year-old... Read more

booze theft

Opportunistic thieves grab booze from caravan fridges

The ongoing issue of opportunistic thefts from unwary campers has again reared its ugly head. Police in the northern New South Wales community... Read more

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