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Kingoonya Ashes

Grey nomads triumph in annual Kingoonya Ashes

Grey nomads have helped a remote South Australian town raise thousands of dollars to help with two much-needed projects by taking part in... Read more

cockle creek

Camping fees could be on their way to Cockle Creek

The opportunity for the public to comment on plans to manage Tasmania’s  South-West Wilderness gateway at Cockle Creek have now closed. The number... Read more

Crookwell fre RV parking

‘Grey nomads welcome … just not in my backyard!’

The seemingly endless saga of a possible free short-term RV camping area in the New South Wales town of Crookwell goes on …... Read more

New caravan for grey nomads

If at first you don’t succeed … the Big Lap or bust!

While they had been travelling more or less full time for two years, Peter and Angela Brown found that circumstances always seemed to... Read more

grey nomads in mobile phone shock

‘Our mobile coverage plan was not up to scratch!”

Most grey nomads heading into remote Australia are keenly aware that keeping in constant contact with the outside world can be a challenge.... Read more

Larrimah pub of interest to grey nomads

Pink Panther pub sold … but will it stay open?

One of the Outback’s most iconic hostelries, the Larrimah Wayside Inn – also known as the Pink Panther pub – has been sold.... Read more

Overturned truck warning for grey nomads

Nightmare on the Nullarbor … driver slams into truck

A horrifying accident on the Nullarbor has once again highlighted the dangers of driving at night and the sheer unpredictability of Outback travel.... Read more

Truck bays parked up

Grey nomads accused of ‘blocking up’ truck stops

A veteran truckie has spoken of his exasperation at the number of grey nomads who continue to park up overnight at truck stops... Read more

Lane Poole tree falls on cmapers

Near tragedy highlights risk of camping near trees

The dangers of camping near trees – particularly in wild weather – has once again been highlighted by a terrifying incident at a... Read more

Grey nomads and churches

On a Big Lap and prayer … nomads on the church trail

While many grey nomads are reluctant to discuss religion around the campfire, they are generally more than happy to visit the fascinating country... Read more

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