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million dollar fish competition for grey nomads

Why there’s a million good reasons to go fishing today

Grey nomad Neil Hawkless explains why he’s back in the Northern Territory with his rod and reel again this year … and why... Read more

Grey nomads in national parks

Camping fees in Victorian national parks to be halved

While not all grey nomads will agree with all of its policies, the resounding victory of the Labor Government at last weekend’s Victorian... Read more

caravan accident

Woman killed in head-on collision with caravanner

A woman has died after the car she was driving collided with a B-Double and then apparently veered onto the wrong side of... Read more

Caravan parking in Sale

‘We want to stop here, but where can we park the rig?’

While so many country towns crave more grey nomad visitors – even it’s just for a quick look around or a shop up... Read more

Simpson desert and satellite phones

‘Desert travellers should be made to carry sat phones!’

As series of frightening incidents in which travellers have been stranded in the desert has led to calls for it to become mandatory... Read more

dust storm,

Driving warning as giant dust storm envelops state

The massive dust storm that is blanketing large parts of New South Wales is making driving dangerous and posing a real health risk.... Read more

Grey nomad boom

Nature and nurture! The RV boom hits new heights!

The number of people out and about in caravans and motorhomes in Australia has soared to new heights. New figures from Tourism Research... Read more

Grey nomads selling up

To sell up or not to sell up, that is the question!

Selling the family home to travel indefinitely is a terrifying proposition for many grey nomads who baulk at the idea of being out... Read more

Motorhome goes up in flames

Home for just minutes, and the rig goes up in smoke!

A mechanical fault is believed to be behind the dramatic fire which destroyed a converted motorhome just minutes after it had brought its... Read more

bush mechanic grey nomad

Bush mechanic thinks outside the toolbox

Like most grey nomads, John Corlett has learned to expect the unexpected on the open road but, as a self-professed ‘bush mechanic’, he’s... Read more

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