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Trapped campers rescued

Campers trapped by rising water winched to safety

From extreme heatwaves to severe flooding, travelling in Australia can require grey nomads and others to cope with challenging – and sometimes dangerous... Read more


Driving in a heatwave! So, just how hot is too hot?

The recent extreme heatwave that has scorched much of Australia baking has left grey nomads and other travellers pondering the same question …... Read more

convertible motorhome

Feel the wind in your hair cruising in convertible RV

Just when you thought you had seen it all in terms of luxurious rigs on the road, along comes the world’s very first... Read more

desert rescue

‘HF radio helped me save family stuck in the desert’

Rick Shea from the HF Radio Club explains how he was in the right place at the right time … and had the... Read more

falling gum tree

Caravan crushed by falling gum tree limb at campsite

Grey nomads have been given another frightening reminder about the potential perils of camping beneath large trees. A group of campers are lucky... Read more

Rochester silo

Rochester pulls out all the stops to lure grey nomads

The Victorian town of Rochester some 15 minutes south of the Murray River town of Echuca is going all out to attract grey... Read more

dingo attack on Fraser Island

Campers on alert after Fraser Island dingo attack

The latest dingo attack on Fraser Island has again raised concerns about the safety of campers. Ranger patrols are to be increased after... Read more

Grey nomads targeted by scammers

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Grey nomads are being targeted by unscrupulous scammers posting fake ads for items like motorhomes and boats. Police say they have seen an... Read more

Joining forces to combat van park crime.

Taking action to stop wave of caravan park crime

The thorny issue of crime in caravan parks is one that is demanding more and more attention as travellers are increasingly targeted by... Read more

Outback driving distances with Google maps

When are we there? A lot quicker than Google thinks

With Outback communities desperate to attract grey nomads and others to visit, Google Maps is being accused of frightening away tourists. Critics of... Read more

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