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Outback driving distances with Google maps

When are we there? A lot quicker than Google thinks

With Outback communities desperate to attract grey nomads and others to visit, Google Maps is being accused of frightening away tourists. Critics of... Read more

Grey nomads swelter through heatwave

Summer turns up the heat as grey nomads swelter!

For grey nomads seeking to avoid the scorching summer heat, there really will be no place to hide this coming week. The Bureau... Read more

Outback, windmills, Queensland, Grey nomads

Secret magic of the bush isn’t a secret any more!

The secret it seems is well and truly out. The number of Australians holidaying in the bush is continuing to remain strong …... Read more

caravan rollover

No serious injuries in yet another bad caravan crash

The recent spate of awful caravan rollovers and collisions has continued with the latest smash on the Bruce Highway likely to lead to... Read more

Budgies fly in Queensland Outback and wow grey nomads

Huge flocks of budgies a spectacular Outback sight

Some lucky grey nomads travelling in north-west Queensland have been treated to the spectacular sight of thousands of green budgies flying en masse... Read more

campsite litter

‘What’s so hard about respecting our campsites?’

The disgraceful behaviour of campers in the Wadbilliga National Park near the New South Wales town of Bega has left locals fuming. Sue... Read more

Grey nomads

‘Please come and stay … but you will have to pay!’

Economic growth in Geelong in Victoria is being stunted by a lack of free camping spots according to one local councillor … bur... Read more

caravan collision

Grey nomad dead after truck and caravan collide

In what has been a horrific few days for the caravanning community, a woman has died and a man been seriously injured in a... Read more

hot temperature

Already too hot to handle? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

It’s been a hot, hot, hot festive season for many grey nomads … and it could be about to get an awful lot... Read more

caravan crash

Two dead and two hurt in caravan rollover horror

Two people have been killed and two others airlifted to hospital after a car towing a caravan rolled on the Oxley Highway about... Read more

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