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OziAir canned fresh air

Why take the Big Lap when you can buy fresh air?

Luckily for budget-minded grey nomads they most certainly won’t be the target for a brand new product to hit the market … Outback... Read more

Coober Pedy and water problems

Trouble in the pipeline for SA’s famous desert town

The South Australian town of Coober Pedy is facing a problem with the supply of its most precious resource … and it’s not... Read more

Luxury motorhome

‘Luxury rig is out of reach … but the Big Lap isn’t!’

Grey nomads are generally pretty determined, by hook or by crook, to hit the open road … but the way in which they... Read more

Grey nomad in caravan step accident

‘One silly slip on a caravan step changed everything!’

For all the joy, excitement and pleasure that taking the Big Lap gives, it can also serve up its fair share of challenges,... Read more

Birdsville floods and grey nomads

Grey nomads flock to ‘transformed’ Outback

The normally bone dry South Australian landscape is being transformed by the floodwaters that have travelled some 1,000 kilometres from north Queensland. Water... Read more

Caravan towing courses for grey nomads?

Calls grow for compulsory caravan towing courses

It’s a debate that is seemingly not going to go away, and a growing number of those involved in the trucking industry are... Read more

Cradle Coast

Free camps may be on way out, but Tassie is booming!

While many grey nomads are deeply concerned about free camping opportunities in Tasmania potentially being severely reduced, tourism in general to the Apple... Read more

Scooter Boy on the road

Is ‘Scooter Boy’ Australia’s most unusual traveller?

The longer grey nomads are on the open road, the more they become used to pretty unusual sights … and pretty unusual people.... Read more

Grey nomads in the Pilbara

Pilbara road re-sealing plan runs into funding snag

It seems that virtually everyone wants it done, but no one wants to pay to see the final 100 kilometres-or-so  section of the... Read more

Grey nomads in campervans and caravans park in Mount Isa

Have you struggled to park a caravan or motorhome?

Grey nomads visiting the Queensland mining city of Mount Isa will soon find a convenient new place to park their rigs … but... Read more

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