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Grey nomads love the NT

Where do grey nomads go in the NT? Everywhere!

This is very much ‘go time’ for warmth-seeking grey nomads and it’s no surprise where most of the large numbers of caravans and... Read more

Mungerannie Pub welcomes grey nomads

‘Getting stuck at my pub is fun … at least at the start!”

While flooding has transformed parts of Outback into a relative oasis encouraging many grey nomads and other travellers to get out to places... Read more

Cold weather sends grey nomads north

Brrrrrrrrr! The only way is up for most grey nomads

Now is the time that grey nomads are traditionally on their way north and Mother Nature has issued a chilly reminder of exactly... Read more

Potholes on Palmerston Highway

And this is a highway! How bad is pothole problem?

All grey nomads travelling Australia have had to get used to the idea that many roads – particularly those in the country –... Read more

Crookwell Caravan Park

Low-fee caravan park sees grey nomad numbers rise

The decision to keep site fees relatively low appears to have paid huge dividends for a caravan park in the Southern Tablelands region... Read more

The Ooraminna Junction Hotel narrowly missed being burnt to the ground

Alert grey nomads help save historic pub from fire

A grey nomad pair have played a huge role in saving an historic Northern Territory pub from burning to the ground. The drama... Read more

Grey nomad dog missing in Katherine

Anguish for grey nomads as pet dog goes missing

After being on the road full-time with their dog Trish for four years, grey nomads Vanessa and Dave Curmi are in absolute anguish... Read more

Brown snakes pose risk to grey nomads

Aussie snakes dangerous … but not ‘that’ dangerous

Grey nomads are quite naturally wary of potential snake encounters as they camp out in the wilds or take a bushwalk but –... Read more

Litchfield National Park may charge entry fees

Litchfield National Park … are new fees on their way?

There are mounting fears that grey nomads and other visitors to the Northern Territory’s wildly popular Litchfield National Park could soon be slugged... Read more

Caravan weight issues for grey nomads

Why caravanners must have weight on their minds

Dave Lewis from Weightcheck Mobile Caravan Weighing – which is based in Brisbane but has  partner companies in Melbourne and Perth, and will... Read more

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