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Trans Access Road

Road closure prompts calls for new Nullarbor route

The prolonged closure of the Eyre Highway as bushfires raged has once again prompted calls for the development of a genuine alternative route... Read more

Ulverstone cabins at caravan parks

Less sites, more cabins … is this the way to go?

In what most certainly appears to be a growing trend, a Tasmanian caravan park has outlined its plan to build 20 new cabins... Read more

Warrnambool caravan parks

‘Plan B’ van parks packed as tourists flee bushfires

Many caravan parks have apparently been overwhelmed by an unexpected influx of guests seeking a ‘Plan B’ as bushfires burn across popular holiday... Read more

Going, going … gone! Birdsville Hotel is sold

The iconic Birdsville Hotel has been sold …. and the good news for grey nomads is that it looks like it’s going  to... Read more

Eyre Highway closure

Nullarbor traffic starts to ease after 12-day closure

Some of the grey nomads and other travellers stranded when the bushfire emergency led to the closure of the Eyre Highway have finally... Read more

Paradise Dam caravan park

‘Too hot to camp? Where have all the tourists gone?’

While bushfires are obviously having a huge effect on tourism in affected areas, the extreme weather that preceded the crisis is also being... Read more

Age of Dinosaurs museum

Events and infrastructure driving Outback tourism

An increasing number of innovative events and strong investment in tourism attractions is helping drive growth in the number of people visiting Outback... Read more

Free camping debate divides grey nomads

‘Free and budget camping is the way of the future’

Free and budget campsites are being hailed as the way of the future by a top tourism chief. With self-contained caravans and motorhomes... Read more

Mt Trio Caravan Park affected by bushfire in Stirling Range National Park

On long road to recovery, tourism will be vital

With huge bushfires still wreaking havoc across the country, the primary focus of authorities in the coming days, weeks and possibly months will... Read more

Bushfire appeal

Amidst the horror, so much courage and kindness

Amidst the unfolding horror of Australia’s bushfire nightmare which has so far claimed at least 24 lives, the very best of human nature... Read more

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