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Foam mattress for RVs
Bed down on a cosy Duvalay

It’s not often that an exciting and ingenious travel-related invention puts enthusiastic grey nomads to sleep … but that’s exactly what the Duva­lay is apparently doing.

After causing a huge stir in the UK, the memory foam sleeping system has started to make its way into the cara­vans, motorhomes and tents of Australian travellers and the innovation has been met with a resounding zzzzzz!

Originally designed to conquer the uncomfortable problem of people sleeping on RV ‘beds’ that were effectively seats, the Duvalay has been embraced by adventurers who want the ability to get a good night’s sleep virtually any­where.

In essence, the Duvalay is a full body support mem­ory foam mattress which smooths out the bumps of whatever surface you are sleeping upon. Attached to the base – which comes in both 66cm and 77cm widths – is a doona which is sealed on one side and at the bottom.

The doona is double the width of the base so that sleepers are fully enveloped and don’t fall victim to ‘exposed-and-chilly-toe’ syndrome.

The doona can be removed when the cover needs to be washed. Both the foam and the doona can be zipped away in special pockets. The whole system can be rolled up and stored away in a compact carry bag when not in use.

Not only does the Duvalay come in to its own if you have a rush of blood to the head and decide to sleep al fresco on the stony floor next to your campfire, it adds an extra layer of comfort to your RV mattress. The base comes in 2.5cm, 4cm, and ‘gold stand­ard’ thicknesses.

The Duvalay is a one-person unit but it can be reversed so that couples can lay two of them side by side for a snuggly double bed set-up.

The creators of the Duvalay proudly boast that they have taken sleeping bags to the next generation, and more than 70,000 very, very comfortable British and European custom­ers would probably agree.

Depending on the luxury and size of the ‘model’ chosen, the Duvalay retails from just over $200 to approximately $270.


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