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Skinners sock shoe

Sock shoes

Along with a cracking campchair and a reliable vehicle, comfortable footwear is one of the key elements of any successful grey nomad Big... Read more

Grey nomads one-can fridge

One-can fridge

Picture the scene. The mercu­ry’s nudging 40 degrees. You’re sitting under the awning of the van seeking sanctuary from the relentless Outback sun.... Read more

Grey nomads dodge th rain drops with an air umbrella

Air Umbrella

Okay, so most grey nomads try to plan their trips to avoid the rain as much as possible … but sometimes Mother Nature... Read more

Thermacell Backpacker

Mozzie repeller lanterns

The growing threat of the Zika virus has helped to focus a lot more attention on the whole ‘mosquito’ problem and persuaded more... Read more

Google Maps bushwalk

Google Maps

It seems that in recent times, Google Maps has been trying harder than ever to bring the outside in, to allow us to... Read more

Here's the Coolbox toolbox

Coolbox toolbox

Whether they know how to use them or not, most grey nomads wouldn’t dream of pulling out of their driveway without a rich... Read more

Lighted thongs

Lighted thongs

It’s time to take some of the horror out of the dreaded midnight walk to the amenities block or drop toilet … courtesy... Read more

Air Opus trailer tent

Air Opus trailer tent

While many grey nomads find the light weight and fuel-saving aerodynamics of travelling in a camper trailer to be appealing, there has always... Read more

High-tech folding paper maps

Zoom-in paper maps

When it comes to navigating our way around this magnifi­cent country, is it perhaps time we went back to the future? While the... Read more

Thunc mood controller for driving caravans

Thync mood controller

While the grey nomad lifestyle is a famously relaxed affair, it is not without its stressful moments. The near miss on the highway,... Read more


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