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Grey nomads get intelligent speed limiter

Intelligent speed limiter

While some grey nomads may dream of the day a ‘self-driving RV’ is able to take away the stresses of a long day... Read more

Water filtration

Water filtration

Despite Australia’s many pristine-looking rivers and lakes, it’s a sad fact that the quality of the drinking water in some parts still leaves... Read more

Solar panels for grey nomads

Solar panels

As budget-conscious grey no­mads seek to stay ever longer periods ‘out in the wilds’, the search for the perfect power solution is ongoing.... Read more

4WD tyres

Embarking on a road trip that will last weeks, months or years, and during which they will cover tens, if not hundreds, of... Read more

Grey nomads love battery monitors

Battery monitors

As advances in solar technology allow grey nomads to spend more time out in the bush, the health of their rigs’ batteries has... Read more

Virtual windscreen could be next for grey nomads

Virtual windscreen

Driving around Australia in a big rig can be a challenging experience and, with cam­els, cattle and road trains to contend with, you... Read more

Katasi Groove stops texting while driving

Katasi Groove

A new device developed by an American inventor could soon help drivers to stop being ‘tempted’ to read or respond to texts while... Read more

TPMS grey nomads

Tyre pressure monitoring systems

The nightmare prospect of suffering a tyre blowout while towing a caravan or driving a large motorhome is enough to make even the... Read more

Transparent trailer

‘Invisible caravan’ mirror

Until driverless vehicles become the norm on Australia’s highways and byways, driver behaviour will always remain the single most important factor in road... Read more

Grey nmads find PVC piping storage solution

PVC storage piping

For soon-to-be grey nomads about to set off on their first big trip, packing the van or the motorhome is a major challenge.... Read more


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