Grey nomads triumph in annual Kingoonya Ashes

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Kingoonya Ashes
Barmy army? Grey nomads braved the sweltering heat to enjoy Kingoonya Ashes. PIC Jon/Smith

Grey nomads have helped a remote South Australian town raise thousands of dollars to help with two much-needed projects by taking part in a cricket match.

Almost as impressive was the fact that the team of travellers from all over the country, dubbed ‘Dad’s Army,’ won the game against a team of locals. The Kingoonya Ashes takes place each year in tiny Kingoonya, which has a population of just 10.

Kingoonya Hotel owner Julie Brett told the ABC that more than 100 people travelled from across Australian to attend the event, which saw a local team pitted against an opposing side of grey nomads.

“We had two teams of 21 this year which is the largest we’ve had,” Ms Brett said. “And there were prizes for the best catch, the lowest run and the stupidest action.”

The Kingoonya Ashes raised more than $6,500, which the ABC reports is a handy boost for the coffers of a community that, lacking a council, is largely self-funded.

“This year the fundraiser was for our local Kingoonya Progress Association,” Ms Brett said. “$5,000 is going towards that to pay for the upgrade of our water, and we also raised $1,500 which is going to the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association.”

* Did you get to play in the Kingoonya Ashes? Will you consider having a bat or a bowl next year? Comment below.

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  1. what date is it played we would like to go next year?

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