Couple look on bright side as fire destroys campervan

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campervan fire
The Mantons outside their campervan which was completely destroyed by fire. PIC: Whitsunday Times/Monique Preston

A campervanning couple have had their travel plans thrown into chaos after their vehicle was destroyed by fire.

Trish and Keiran Manton, who were on an extended trip, were parked at a shopping centre at Cannonvale in north Queensland when the drama unfolded.

The Whitsunday Times reports that Mr Manton had just got back to his fully fitted-out  Civilian van when he noticed an electrical smell. In the time it took him to take off his cardigan and step into the back of the van, smoke had started to pour into the vehicle. “I looked around and smoke was billowing out of the console,” he told the Whitsunday Times newspaper.  “It happened in seconds … within five minutes the van was gone.”

The devastated couple who were three weeks in to their adventure are now trying to look on the bright side.

“It could have been worse … we could have been in it and we couldn’t get out,” Mrs Manton said. “Thank God it wasn’t at night and we were asleep.”

The couple’s other home is their boat, moored at Bribie Island, so they had most of their belongings with them.

“We are gutted, every little thing has gone,” said Mrs Manton. “We just ended up in what we stood in, all my clothes melted, and the lights.”

Fortunately the Mantons had unhooked a trailer in which they carry toys which they sell as they go as a way of funding their travels. They are now considering buying a new vehicle so they can continue with their trip.

The Whitsundays community has rallied around the couple in the aftermath of the fire offering them everything from clothes to places to stay.

“Everybody’s has been so lovely,” Mrs Manton said. “People have just been amazing, that’s what’s got us more than anything.”

It is not known how they fire started, but it is believed to have been an electrical fault.

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One Response to Couple look on bright side as fire destroys campervan

  1. Would be frightening and devastating. Fortunately they weren’t hurt but certainly a sad experience

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