Anger over plans to seal iconic Bloomfield Track

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Daintree Ferry
Sealing the Bloomfield Track could put more pressure on the Daintree Ferry?

A fledgling proposal to pave the iconic Bloomfield Track in Queensland’s far north has sparked a furious backlash.

The Mayor of Douglas  Shire, Julia Leu, has even vowed her council will lead a Daintree Blockade-style protest if the plans progress further.

The Cairns Post reports that two Cape York councils, Cook Shire and Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire, have split the costs of a $30,000 feasibility study to assess the impact of potentially paving the 40-kilometre dirt highway, which stretches from Cape Tribulation to Wujal Wujal.

However, a majority of the unsealed section of the track is owned and maintained by Douglas Shire Council … and it’s not impressed.

Cr Leu told the Post that sealing the track would create enormous traffic issues, see overloading of the Daintree Ferry and result in longer ferry queues to visit the Daintree area … and ultimately destroy the rainforest experience­.

“That is one of the key drivers­ of tourism in our region­,” she said. “It is precisely because the Bloomfield Track is a four-wheel drive experience and not just an extension of the Cook Highway, that the Bloomfield Track is an outstanding international tourism attraction in its own right.”

Cr Leu also said that, if further development along the Bloomfield Track was approved­, Australian and international­ conservation movements would be up in arms­.

“If would require realignment, a total reconstruction, substantial earthworks, and result­ in the destruction of many hectares of World Heritage rainforest,” she said. “It is highly unlikely that the Wet Tropics Management Authority would allow this destruction­ in such a sensitive area, adjoining the Great Barrier­ Reef.”

Ironically, it was the council’s original plans to build a road between Cape Tribulation and Bloomfield in the early 1980s that sparked one of Australia’s most famous environmental­ protests, the Daintree Blockade.

“Unlike the blockade in the 1980s, the Douglas Shire Council would be leading the protesters,” Cr Leu told the Post.

Cape Tribulation tour operator Lawrence Mason, who has operated four-wheel drive tours along the Bloomfield Track for 15 years, told the Cairns  Post that sealing the track would not improve safety, as there were too many steep hills.

“I’d prefer to see it not sealed, but I’m also practical,” he said. “Given that it’s already sealed down to the Bloomfield River, it’s inevitable.”

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10 Responses to Anger over plans to seal iconic Bloomfield Track

  1. I have the same views as the local tour operator. I love the rainforest and The track only adds to the majic, but It is dangerous in any rain and has many steep hills. It wuld open the area to more people.

  2. NO!

  3. Great idea, It lets everyone enjoy the area in a safe and enjoyable manner, rather than closing the area to the average Tax payer who funds the upkeep of beautiful places like this.

    • This is the problem most of the wingers want to do 100 kmph there not satisfied to go slow and enjoy the scenery the whole lot of up north is going to end up stuffed because of southern wingers about the roads up here i don.t know why they don.t stay down there where they belong and drive like idiots

      • i dont know what a winger is but there are a lot of whingers that dont want other people who cant afford a $50000.00 4wheel drive that would like to look at our country to do so by the look of it

  4. Your kiddiing must be the silly season !!!!

  5. Its the same as going to the cape, sooner or later there will be roads in place. They wont be satisfied until they stuff everything, some things should be left alone if you want to go there ,buy a 4×4.Next thing you,ll see grandma up there in her toyota yaris. Whats next bitumen the tanami, 4 lanes across the Gibb,a tunnel under the maytown track just leave it alone. Stevo.

  6. Pay to go on a tour. No to development. The hills would require massive earthworks. Let us retain the beautiful character of the track.

  7. All areas of AUSTRALIA should be accessible to EVERYBODY in any vehicle at any time…and not just the few in their 4×4 trucks. That includes the Bloomfield Track, Cape York, Savannah, Gibb and others. And what’s wrong with Grandma going there in her Toyota Yaris? I’m sure she has paid more tax than you!

  8. Cold shower time – it’s only an impact study…so there’s time for input to argue the impact case. Mind you, I think it’s going to be a fun time for the trendie lefties who won’t know which way to side – the greens will be against it but the indigenous people are for it!

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