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Grey nomads at border
Queensland border queues ... you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Police are appealing for grey nomads to do their part in easing expected traffic congestion when the Queensland border with New South Wales re-opens at midday tomorrow.

“Tweed Byron Police are advising any person, especially grey nomads travelling to the NSW/Queensland border that they must have to correct declaration pass and evidence permitting entry into Queensland,” said a spokesperson. “Vehicles without the proper documentation risk being turned away from the border … plan ahead before you embark on your journey and expect delays.”

Police have stressed that the new declaration forms do not come into force until noon tomorrow and that grey nomads should not approach the NSW/Qld border before that time.

The Queensland Government has also announced that all Victorians will now be turned away from the border.

A surge in new cases of Covid-19 has pushed the state government to harden its stance on visitors from the southern state.

“From noon, July 10, visitors from Victoria will no longer gain access or be able to quarantine in Queensland,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said in a tweet.  “They will be turned around.”

Ms Palaszczuk said holidaymakers who planned to travel across the border from tomorrow should carefully consider their plans.

“We do expect on the weekend that there will be lengthy delays … I’m telling the public now,” she said. “There will be delays at our borders because we are going to get this right … I’ve asked people to think about the way in which they plan their holidays or their trips, and that they actually think about not going at the peak times and spreading it over a number of days.”

The details pertaining to the Queensland Border Declaration Pass can be found on the Queensland Government web page:

  • Are you planning to cross into Queensland in the next few days? Comment below.

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6 Responses to Crossing into Queensland? Organise your passes

  1. Can anyone tell me if someone can help with towing weights for car towing a caravan. We have looked on website but still need some assistance. Preferably in person in WA.

    • Helen , can I suggest that you post your question in the general forum section rather than in a topic about obtaining border pass into QLD. I am sure that you will get many people able to provide help to your question cheers

  2. It’s quite unclear whether Victoria based nomads who have been out of Victoria travelling in nsw for longer than the 14 day stated minimum will be permitted to cross into qld. I have a border pass but the information is quite confusing in the media.

    • We’re Victorian travellers who have been out of VIC for 3 weeks. Absolutely no problem crossing today (11 July) near Barringun (from
      Bourke). We had our declarations (printed but they said electronic would have been fine), receipts to prove how long we’d been in NSW and I also have a detailed log on our movements in Wikicamps. Police couldn’t have been nicer, specifically telling us we were very welcome in QLD. One thing that isn’t well published is you have to maintain a valid declaration for your whole time in QLD, so if you are in QLD longer than 7 days you will need to do a new one.

  3. Change the Queensland government problem solved

  4. No problem crossing the Queensland border on Friday 10th July 2020.
    Moved from a rest area to border at 6:15am on 10th & asked where to park in our slide on camper for the noon opening?
    The policeman viewed our Declarations we downloaded on IPad 6pm the night before & viewed our NSW driver’s licenses & asked if we had been anywhere near Victoria & our reason for going into Qld. He then said he had asked his Area Commander who said to use his discretion so he couldn’t see any purpose making us wait five & a half hours to cross into Queensland. So at 6:30am we were on our way to Gladstone Qld missing noon line ups & accompanying traffic going into Qld. Great to see common sense prevailing. We were the first over the border at this spot. Hope other border crossings did the same.

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