One hump or two? Nomads pick a winner in Boulia

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Boulia camel racing
The camel racing action at Boulia was fast and furious. PIC: ABC/Ash Moore

One of the joys of the grey nomad lifestyle is attending some truly different and exciting events in unusual and often remote places.

The annual Boulia Camel Races which went under starter’s orders for the 21st time over the weekend certainly fall into that category. The event was another huge success and there were, as always, a large proportion of grey nomads among the thousands of visitors who descended on the Outback Queensland town.

The so-called ‘Melbourne Cup of camel racing’ event offered something for everyone and, as well as the camel iconic races, there was camel tagging, mower races, fireworks, and live music.

Secretary Shelley Norton told the ABC the punters lapped it all up.

“Our tourism season revolves around the Boulia Camel Races, which is great,” she said. “We see our small population swell to a population of hopefully over 3,000 — they come from everywhere and make it their bucket list item to see it.”

One of those bucket list tickers was Murray Blake from Bunbury in Western Australia who told the ABC he had come to the region with his wife as part of their second Big Lap.

“We’ve never been to the camel races so we thought we might as well see what’s going on,” he said. “Someone did say you always look for a camel with a smallish hump, but whether that’s true I don’t know,” he said.

One person who was on a guaranteed winner was local pub owner Jane Smith who said the tourists couldn’t get enough of her specially developed camel burgers, schnitzels and sausages.

“We’ve had great feedback — we had one person in last night raving about the camel sausages,” she said. “It looks very similar to beef and texture-wise it’s very similar as well.”

The Boulia Camel Races are run purely by volunteers who enjoy seeing the amazing benefits that the region as a whole enjoys.

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3 Responses to One hump or two? Nomads pick a winner in Boulia

  1. bedourie camel races the week before ha ha

  2. Camel sausages heh! Looks like beef. Feels like beef. Even tastes like beef. Hmmm???

  3. Would love to go. Would we get there ok in our 7 metre Avan Ovation motorhome?

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