Bull collision a wildlife warning to grey nomads

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Great Northern Highway
The Great Northern Highway is well used by grey nomads. PIC: Wikivoyage

A bus has rolled in remote Western Australia after hitting a bull on the Great Northern Highway.

The accident, which happened about 90 kilometres from Broome, is yet another dramatic – and terrifying – reminder to grey nomads of the dangers of wandering wildlife.

Kimberley Traffic Police said 12 of the 16 passengers on the bus received minor injuries such as grazes, cuts and soreness, with two suffering suspected broken limbs.

While the bus tipped on its side after striking the bull, the advice from the authorities that it is generally better to hit an animal rather than swerving violently to avoid one.

Last year, a caravanner was incredibly lucky to avoid serious injury when he swerved to avoid hitting a goat on the North West Coastal Highway near Kalbarri in Western Australia. The man lost control and his 4WD and caravan both toppled over. He was fortunate to escape with only minor bruising.

Every year there are many collisions involving animals occur on rural highways and byways … but the advice from bodies such as the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in New South Wales is clear.

“If you see an animal on the road (alive or dead), do not swerve violently to avoid the animal as this can cause you to lose control of your vehicle or to hit oncoming traffic,” it said. “If you can’t avoid the animal safely you may have to hit it to avoid injury or death to yourself and others.”

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2 Responses to Bull collision a wildlife warning to grey nomads

  1. We hit a calf and it got stuck stuck under our grill east of Broome on the way to Fitzroy Xing. Cow was on one side of the highway and we saw her. What we didn’t see was her calf on the opposite side of the highway. The cow called the calf which ran across the highway to her. We hit the calf full on and it got wedged under our gril, dead. So we had a very cross cow to deal with plus getting the calf out from under the front of the car before pushing the car off the highway. Moral of the story is all of us (husband, 2 young children and I) were unhurt. The car was undriveable but a tow truck from FX came to rescue us.

  2. As a driver of trucks for 45 years and a caravan driver for 16 years I have seen the awful consequences of what happens when a driver swings to avoid an obstruction. These swings cause ujnbelievable damage. It is much safer to hit the object in the middle of the road. The only thing that a driver should swing for is a hiuman being. Hitting the object might cause some damage but that is better than writing off your car n=and van and putting yourself and the one you love in hospital.

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