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Bunbury free camping
Bunbury wants to offer free camping to self-contained travellers

After a number of unsuccessful attempts at finding a suitable site to trial free overnight camping, the West Australian town of Bunbury is not giving up on the plan without a fight.

Bunbury City Council has now identified three new locations as potential overnight rest areas as it seeks to attract more grey nomads.

The West Australian newspaper reports that the latest possible sites are: Wyalup Rocky Point pull-over bays; Ocean Drive car park (adjacent to Scott Street); and the Maiden’s Reserve car park.

The council has been investigating free or low-cost camping in the city for about two years. It wants to attract more people to spend a night or two in the city, and to stamp out people illegally parking up and staying overnight.

The plan is to provide designated areas that can be managed and monitored. The most likely choice initially appeared to be Turkey Point at The Cut near Leschenault Estuary but that was ruled out due to cost, contamination and access issues. And, earlier this year, the council knocked back a recommendation for a trial at Queens Gardens on Cobblestone Drive after feedback from residents.

The new trial – which will see only self-contained vehicles allowed to pull up at the rest areas – still needs to be endorsed by the council, but Mayor Gary Brennan says it will be piloted for two years starting this summer if approved.

“This market segment — often referred to as grey nomads — spend much of their year travelling Australia providing both economic and social benefits to the cities and towns they visit,” Mr Brennan told the West Australian. “We are missing out on this fantastic opportunity so, over the trial period, the city will carefully monitor impacts to the community and seek to measure the benefits added to the city.”

Mr Brennan said the advisory group that had chosen the latest locations had included caravan park operators.

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3 Responses to If at first you don’t succeed – free camp trial is back on

  1. After living in the Greater Bunbury area for over 20 years, We’ve been fighting to get a free camp and public dump Point in Bunbury for years. Council keeps saying that they’re looking into it but does nothing about it. So I wouldn’t hold your breath, Bunbury City Council is slow at making their minds up on anything. Hey but I would love to be proven wrong.

  2. “”Mr Brennan said the advisory group that had chosen the latest locations had included caravan park operators.””

    Now there is a Park owner who is also interested in other traders in his community. Well doneto the park owner.

  3. After visiting Bunbury last year, disappointed with attitude of info centre, struggled to find a decent park, no public dump point. We won’t be back, too little too late for us.

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