Big upgrades planned for Eyre Peninsula campsites

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Eyre Peninsula
The wild western side of the Eyre Peninsula at Locks Well. Pic: Tourism SA

South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula is one of the state’s most iconic destinations and one normally enjoyed by grey nomads either just before or just after they cross the Nullarbor.

With national parks including Lincoln National Park, Coffin Bay National Park, Gawler Ranges National Park, and several conservation parks and reserves, there’s incredible scenery, superb camping and irresistible fishing.

However, a recent study by Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP) has found the region has a high level of ageing infrastructure that is struggling to support the pressures applied by growing visitor numbers.

The organisation has now pledged to tackle the issue head on and has already developed concept plans to upgrade infrastructure at camping spots and beach access points.

RDAWEP says that, with more than 80% of all visitors to the Eyre Peninsula arriving by car, it is critical that roadside signage is improved to meet the growing expectations and needs of visitors.

It also wants to see the development of a network of re-developed (not new) camping nodes that offer a minimum standard of visitor amenity and infrastructure.

“This will increase length of stay in the region through the marketing and provision of a network of quality experience based camping areas, reduce the effect and encroachment of free camping on our pristine environment, and assist councils in managing providing for the increase in the caravan and camping market,” the organisation said.

These ‘camping nodes’ will be developed at camping grounds including  Fitzgerald Bay, Point Gibbon, Redbanks, Lipson Cove, Fishery Bay, Farm Beach, Sheringa, Walker’s Rock, Tractor Beach and Pildappa Rock.

RDAWEP chief executive officer Dion Dorward told the West Coast Sentinel that more than 3,000 people are currently employed directly and indirectly due to the visitor economy on the peninsula.

“The tourism potential on Eyre Peninsula is one of the highest in South Australia with a current economic value of $272 million and a projected value of $511 million,” he said.

The new initiative known as ‘Eyes on Eyre’ will look to counteract a perceived lack of investment into visitor infrastructure since the ’80s and ’90s and ‘unify’ tourist spots on the Eyre Peninsula.

Nine public consultations will be held regarding the plans at locations including Tumby Bay Port Lincoln and Elliston. Interested parties are also urged to find out more by visiting and giver their views by completing an online survey between the dates of February 18 and 28, or by emailing their thoughts to

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One Response to Big upgrades planned for Eyre Peninsula campsites

  1. You definitely want to upgrade and make more free camps to attract the grey Nomads. You need to show they are wanted and you are RV Friendly. Why do you think we go to Qld & NSW because they have thousands of free camps and they want us. With that then comes the money they spend on, food, fuel, shopping, sightseeing and servicing of vehicles and equipment. If you cannot attract them to your out of the way magnificent spot you get nothing. You miss out on the biggest industry in Australia the Grey Nomads.

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