Out-of-control car gives campers fright of their lives

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Grey nomads in near miss at campsite
An out-of-control car careered through the Genazzano campgrounds near Lake Tinaroo. PIC: Phil Waller/Cairns Post

Grey nomads and other travellers at a popular campground in Queensland’s Atherton Tablelands were given the scare of their lives when an out-of-control, empty car rolled through the site.

About 100 people were had settled in at the Genazzano campgrounds near Lake Tinaroo on Sunday evening when the drama unfolded.

“We were just sitting there and the car was just rolling down the hill,” camper Phil Waller told the Cairn Post. “When it picked up speed we realised there was nobody in it.”

The maroon SUV style vehicle passed within 10 metres of the nearest tents and astounded campers before slowing down in trees and undergrowth.

“We were looking at it coming down the hill and we started yelling ‘car!’” Mr Waller said.

Witnesses told the Cairns Post that the car’s driver had parked at her nearby cabin and had exited the vehicle.

“Someone knocked on the door and said ‘I think you’re missing a car,’” Mr Waller said. “It would have kept going if the trees hadn’t slowed it down; it was surreal.”

The Post reports that no one was injured during the incident and the shaken owners of the car apologised to other campers before they left the campsite.

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