Secret magic of the bush isn’t a secret any more!

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Australians are choosing to spend longer in the Outback.

The secret it seems is well and truly out. The number of Australians holidaying in the bush is continuing to remain strong … and they are also spending more than previously.

Latest statistics from Tourism Research Australia showed the amount spent by domestic tourists in Outback Queensland grew from $607 million in 2017 to $656 million in 2018. And tourists aren’t just spending more in remote areas of the Sunshine State, the data shows they are also staying longer.

Queensland Country Life reports that visitors stayed a combined total of 4.8 million nights throughout 2018, compared to 3.8 million nights the year before.

While the total visitor numbers dipped from 962,000 in 2017 to 864,000 last year, the Outback Queensland Tourism Association insists the outlook for domestic tourism in the bush is rosy.

“The numbers are good,” said the Association’s Peter Homan. “The beauty is that domestic numbers continue to rise, and to rise strongly … the future forecast looks quite strong.”

Queensland Country Life reports that, when ranked according to the total number of nights spent in a region, Outback Queensland outperformed tourist hot spots such as the Snowy Mountains, the Whitsundays and the Blue Mountains.

“We’ve got more attractions that continue to improve, councils continue to invest in facilities and infrastructure, and the natural beauty is second to none.” Mr Homan said. “Our domestic numbers will continue to improve.”

• Are you spending longer in the Outback than you have previously? Do you think you are spending more? Comment below.

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3 Responses to Secret magic of the bush isn’t a secret any more!

  1. Looking at adding another 2 numbers and many dollars to the outback revenue come Easter 2019

  2. Have always spent and enjoyed the outback more than the coast. A lot more friendly people,a lot cheaper and better value parks and the best of all a whole lot less traffic.The outback needs the nomads dollar and appreciate it when they get it. You get value for your dollar and dont have to pay some rude operator that thinks they can charge the earth because the have a bit of beach. So yes I urge everyone to support the bush. Cheers Stevo.

  3. Atm no to spending more time in outback nsw too dry and dust storms are so bad now out west including the heat , I’m sticking closer to the coastline

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