Grey nomad’s ‘miracle cat’ survives Outback ordeal

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lost cat rescued
Lucky Spike will soon be back on the road again. PIC: Contributed/Bulletin

A grey nomad couple is over the moon after finding out that their beloved cat has been found alive and well after being lost in the Northern Territory Outback for six weeks!

Bob and Roseen’s Big Lap took a terrible turn when their much-loved 18-year-old pet, Spike, went missing during an overnight stop in Mataranka.

“Spike’s normal routine was he just stayed in the van and at night he had his harness on and a lead and attached to the van – he’d roll around in the dirt, mainly looking at the sky around him,” Roseen told the Morning Bulletin. “He was normally only outside for half an hour and normally I was with him but, on that night, we had reception and I was just doing emails and what-not and thought I better go and get him and went behind the van and his harness was empty.”

The couple desperately raced around the van park looking for Spike and then hoped against hope that he would come back during the night.

But he didn’t.

For the next six days and nights, the couple put up posters all over the town and searched high and low before, eventually, accepting that Spike’s story would not have a happy ending.

“Driving down the road and leaving the place, it was heartbreaking and I would have to say the tears were flowing from both of us,” Roseen told the Bulletin. “He’s a member of the family – it was like losing a child … I was almost hysterical.”

However, six weeks after continuing their trip and, soon after arriving in Brisbane, Bob and Roseen took a phone call from the manager at Mataranka which sent their spirits soaring. It seemed as if Spike had miraculously survived and, after receiving some emailed pictures, the good news was confirmed.

“The man who’d found him worked at the Sandalwood farm, seven kilometres away from Mataranka Springs,” said Roseen. “I understand that Spike turned up at his home in a pretty poorly state and he realised it wasn’t a feral cat and he thought he might’ve been dead … but he meowed.”

After some TLC, Spike quickly bounced back.

And now a very happy Bob and Roseen have turned their rig around and are on their way back to Mataranka for what promises to be an emotional reunion.

As for how Spike survived the past six weeks, it’s something the couple may never know.

“I only wish he had a GoPro around his neck,” Roseen told the Bulletin.

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2 Responses to Grey nomad’s ‘miracle cat’ survives Outback ordeal

  1. lovely ending to the story – we also travel with our cat and have been on the road for 7 years. He is a true grey nomad and we would feel the same if he disappeared.

  2. We two have a puss and are going to try to train her on a leash so she can come with us. Glad u got your pet back

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