Carbunup River area, SW of WA

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What sort of area is it (eg large field, bush area, etc): The place is in a large field over looking our dam.
Approximate number of vehicles and/or people you can accommodate: We would like only one RV or caravan.  Possible two if they are friends…
What facilities do you have (eg power, water,etc): We have no water, power or ablution so the van needs to be self contained.
Any restrictions regarding vehicles (eg do they need to be self-contained): There is a little dip to get into the paddock so no low slung vehicles
General area you are located (eg near Bega, NSW, etc): We are at Carbunup River off the Wildwood road – between Busselton and Marg River.

Fees (if any): TBN  – possible help out around the farm.
Contact details: 0449 686 928 –


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