Barkly Tablelands station (posted 22/8/19)

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We are a family of four living on a large cattle station on the Barkly Tablelands in the Northern Territory. We have two boys. Darcy aged 7 (year 1) and Joe, 9 (year 4). We are currently looking for a Home tutor to finish off term 3 and term 4 of this year.
The boys are very active and love to ride their motorbikes to school and after school, exploring the dump and around the station. They love making cubby houses, as well as Lego and nerf guns.
Joe is very creative and excels in English. He has a very high reading level and can write short stories with enthusiasm and creative flair! He struggles with some new math strategies and is currently working hard to learn his times tables.
Darcy is fantastic at math and amazes me by how quite he can subitise and add or take away groups of things or numbers. He has worked hard to learn all his magic 100 sight words which took a little while for him to grasp. He can be overheard sounding out words in his environment and is proud to let you know what he worked out the words to be.
Darcy loves dress ups and music and being read to. Joe also enjoys outdoor play and experiments. We are looking for someone who can bring their teaching skills to our school room as well as their fun, enthusiastic and kind approach to learning.
We can provide a fully functional caravan park with amenities block, or roomy shared staff accommodation at the station. All meals will be provided in the station kitchen unless you have your own accommodation and wish to cook for yourself, then food will be provided.



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