Capertee Valley area (posted 8/8/19)

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Re Farm assistance and destination. If you would like to spend a week or so in the beautiful Capertee Valley here is chance to participate in some farm activities such as pruning trees and feeding to cattle. We are in drought conditions and about 2 hours per day is needed to feed the young steers. The house is often used as a BnB and we charge $70 per night per person which includes wood fires electricity hot showers etc. WE would like to trade this off by offering you some casual work around the farm at $25.00 per hour. Generally this 20 hour can be extended depending on your skills and qualifications. Certainly there is plenty of other work in the plumbing and mechanical areas. The area is a popular holiday area with plenty of opportunities for hiking birdwatching, art, photography etc. Maybe you might like to give a call or drop in for a quick look around.
John 0413963438

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