Chapman Valley Area (posted 29/8/19)

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We run a  small fishing park tourist business on a property between Geraldton and Kalbarri – approx. 30 mins from the city.

Looking for people to come and help us out with a few simple chores in return for powered camp site or use of a 2 bedroom house.

This is a beautiful area in the valley and there are a lot of areas to explore and the beach is approx. 15 mins away.

Jobs are feeding fish/marron & yabbies, checking aerators come on, cleaning, gardening, greeting visitors(on occasions).  We only ask for a few hours per day, please note this part is not a paid job and would probably be more suited to a fit retired couple.

We are in the process of setting up a horticulture hothouse – any knowledge would be handy but not essential

There are paid positions available in Northampton & Drummonds Cove listed on this site – both approx. 15min away – stay at the park and travel out to work.

We are looking to expend our business and there will be paid work including cooking/kitchen work/horticulture job available if all works out from approx. December 2019, if interested

Please contact Leanne  on


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