Sunshine Coast Hinterland rainforest area (posted 15/3/19)

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Warm greetings peripatetic Nomads,

My wife and I are searching for a retired Carpenter/Builder/Handyman to help us finish off an “off grid” office build project and were hoping we’d find our team here.

We have one space available, two at a push, for a 4×4 and caravan rig(s), this position is directly opposite lush sub tropical natural rainforest, approximately 30 meters away from the van site.  We have a brand new composting toilet available, just need 15 minutes to hook it up, and off she’ll go. We have a kitchen and sink available, just need to hook the drain up, and off she’ll go. We have a hot shower available, just need to hook up the Rocket mass hot water system and off she’ll go. And we have internet available, however, we don’t do WiFi, so you’ll need a 20 meter cable to run from the office to your trailer, or you’re welcome to sit in the office to do your inter-netting.
We can also provide power, “but no heating elements” as it’s a stand alone solar system, so you’ll need to provide your own gas accessories.
We are relatively remote and do not have any mobile phone signal, but have a landline for emergencies; (negotiable if needed).

This area has no turning circle, so you’ll need good reversing skills to back out when you leave, around 80 to 100 meters to back out.
We’ll require at least a 1 month commitment, and could offer more if it all works out.

We’d like to exchange this offer for 6 hours a week of skilled labor. If mamma bear would like help out, that would be much appreciated, however, most certainly not expected!

If this offer interests you, please contact us at


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