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Manager of Resort wanted
Woombah Woods Caravan Park is located at 54 Iluka Road, Woombah NSW 2469. Inspired by nature and located for the most magnificent views, Woombah Woods Caravan Park is set in a relaxing bush land setting with a myriad of birds and wildlife. Located 500m off the highway on the Iluka exit on the NSW North Coast, with easy access to nearby Yamba, Maclean, Iluka and many more, we have the perfect location to enjoy the tourism resources along our beautiful coast. The park is upgrading into a over 55’s resort at the moment. The construction of the upgrade is under way.

We are looking for an enthusiasm couple to manage the park during the sale and construction period to bring the park to a top level. Applicants will require current police check. The applicants must be able to work independently with minimum supervision. The duty and payment package of the manager is summarised below.

1        Office work

1.1       Main Duty

Efficiently manage and operate the resort office, which includes without limitation the following duties:

  1. Sale of cabins: marketing and sale new cabins
  2. Rental marketing and booking: Actively market the rental property of the park
  3. Manage park residents: communicate and negotiate with park residents for the park development and management to hold the core value of the park
  4. Update RMS record on time (must check daily)
  5. Manage staff: set and inform staff the day-to-day working schedule, monitor the staff performing, report to principal regularly.
  6. Daily closing: perform the daily close of the account
  7. Other duty coming up from time to time.

1.2       Knowledge & Skill Requirements:

1.            Computer skills: Microsoft, internet and others IT skills required to run the office efficiently
2.            Documenting: filing all documents in an easy and system way so that all documents can be shared by all team members
3.            Sale and marketing skills.

4.            Wish to learn new knowledge if required.


2        Maintenance


2.1       Main Duty


  1. Amenity building: Cleaning every two days
  2. Waste Water System: Check septic pump daily and replace filter monthly, weed out reed bed monthly
  3. Pool: daily clean the pool, reset timer for summer and winter
  4. Camp Kitchen: blow the ground and table daily, wash if require
  5. Machine Maintenance: change oil, filter and other maintenance,
  6. Construction site maintenance and support: support the construction team as required.
  7. Any other work that may come up from time to time.


2.2       Knowledge & Skill Requirements:


·        Understanding and operate all machines required for park maintenance
·        Understand the functions of chemical for maintenance use and use properly
·        Other skills required for ground maintenance


3        Performance Criteria


  1. Perform to the best of your ability and knowledge the duties.
  2. Act for the best of the principal interest.
  3. Hold the core value of the park.
  4. Problem solving attitude: the ability to find solutions for all issues of the park during day-to-day operation.
  5. Finance management: maximize the net income of the park through efficient operation of the park, including (1) the reasonable charge to clients, (2) creating more income streams, (3) minimizing the operation cost.
  6. Office presentation: keep the office clean and tidy, keep up the washing and fold up sheets all the time.
  7. Exhibit the professional behavior and attitude in dealings with others.
  8. Devote the whole of your time and abilities during normal working hours and at such other times as may be reasonable necessary, to the performance of your duties.
  9. Use your best endeavors to promote, develop and extend the Company’s business interests and reputation.
  10. Keep a high occupancy of the park.
  11. Manage the team to perform efficiently.
  12. Present the park at its best conditions


Attitude / Personality Requirements:

1.           Love to living in a community resort and look after all residents and park

2.           Treat the resort as your own family business and willing to grow with the resort

3.           Service-oriented, courteous, friendly with clients, other staff

4.           Demonstrates a strong desire to meet/exceed needs of the park
5.           Strong interpersonal skills, able to cope with demands from several directions with patience and tolerance.
6.           Team-oriented, supports other people, understands how they contribute to the overall success of the team.
7.           Reliable, honest person who takes pride in their appearance and work detail.


4        Remuneration


We expect the staff will live in the park and we will provide accommodation support within the park. Remuneration consists of three parts: accommodation, base salary and bonus. Total package will depend on the sale performance which is main part of the bonus. The sale will be supported by a marketing company.


If you are interested in the position, please email your CV to william.hu@seqproperty.com.au and I will contact you as soon as possible.
You can also call me on 0421 206 986.


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