Caretaking/housesitting position on small property wanted in Qld or NSW (updated 28/1/20)

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We are currently looking for property caretaking, house sitting, or small farm sitting for a few weeks after April. Ideally within an hour from Brisbane. Experienced with house sitting, have worked as caravan park attendants, helped out at a studio/café, and have recently completed a couple of small farm sits in NSW. Referees available.

We are happy to do routine chores and can do maintenance work if needed. Living a healthy lifestyle and are non-smokers. Born and raised on farms we have lots of experience with animals, and have always loved pets of our own, but at present we are pet free.

Living on the road full time in a 25 ft self-contained caravan, which we would need to have parking space for, as well as access to power and water.

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