Woodford area (posted 18/11/19)

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We are located in Woodford, approx 50 minutes north-west of Brisbane.  Our property is 10 acres and we are only a few minutes drive or a short walk to the township.  We are searching for someone to park their van on our property  for three weeks,  from 6 December – 28 December, in exchange for care of our animals.
We have 2 dogs, a cat, 2 horses, 2 sheep, 2 heifers, a bull and a mini pig.
Our dam has run dry so we require someone to make sure all water troughs are kept full. Whilst the sheep and cows are otherwise self-sufficient, we requite someone to feed the dogs, cat, pig and horses. Ideally the person will have experience with horses as one of them does require rugging each night and un-rugging each morning due to itch.
If you would be interested please contact me with some details about yourself and your experience with animals at rella2303@yahoo.com.au

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