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Highly experienced couple seek work (posted 20/2/19)

Highly experienced couple with diverse knowledge, skills and expertise working in a range of industries – Agriculture, mining, earthmoving, fabrication and transport in... Read more

Experienced Motel/Caravan Park Management Couple seeks work (updated 26/11/18)

We currently in Victoria and looking for short or long term employment as Motel / Caravan Park Managers. Allan and I have been... Read more

Experienced couple seeks work in Victoria (updated 26/11/18)

Experienced Handyman and very capable wife travelling through Victoria until February. We are looking for paid work such as small house renovations, odd... Read more

Experienced couple seek paid employment (posted 19/11/18)

We are a couple in our early 50s travelling and working around Australia together with our well behaved kelpie, Buddy. We are seeking... Read more

Experienced, versatile couple seek paid work (posted 19/11/18)

Very experienced and versatile mature aged couple seeking paid work. Recently finished hauling cane in nth Qld and looking for a change of... Read more

Couple seek Caravan Park management role (updated 19/2/19)

We are a healthy couple looking for some training in caravan park management. Cindy’s background is in hospitality, tourism and administration while John... Read more

Experienced couple seeking part time or casual work (posted 5/11/18)

We are a married couple 56/51, Non smokers, no pets, have our own caravan for accommodation. Our experiences are , Male has worked... Read more

Experienced, handy nomads seek work (posted 29/10/18)

Myself and my Wife and her sister will be travelling from Gold Coast to Darwin Via Alice Springs, we would be looking for any... Read more

Experienced couple with children seek position in Pilbara area (posted 24/9/18)

My family and I are currently travelling Australia and are looking to stop for a few months and work. Ideally on a station... Read more

Registered nurse seeking work in WA (posted 11/9/18)

Retired Registered Nurse currently working in the shop and cabin cleaning at Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park, WA until December. Looking for similar... Read more

Experienced motel/caravan park management couple available in WA (updated 5/9/18)

We currently in Broome and looking for short or long term employment as Motel / Caravan Park Managers in WA. Allan and I... Read more

Experienced couple seeking position in Gold Coast area (posted 17/7/18)

We are Grey Nomads travelling around this great country full time in our USA built Motorhome with Car trailer and small 4WD +... Read more

Accomplished couple seek work (updated 3/7/18)

Hello we are a couple of travelling nomads with our own self contained caravan. I am 64 years young and my wife is... Read more


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