NSW and Victorian border to close tomorrow night

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NSW border set to close
The NSW-Vic border is set to close. PIC: ABC

Just as there appeared to be light at the end of the tunnel and grey nomads were beginning to plan their interstate travels, the spike in coronavirus cases in Victoria has cast a huge shadow over the optimistic outlook.

It has just been announced that the Victorian border with New South Wales will be closed from tomorrow night after Victoria recorded 127 new coronavirus cases in the precious 24 hours.

It follows the state’s announcement of 74 new cases yesterday, and 108 new cases on Saturday.

Ten Melbourne postcodes were put into lockdown last week as the crisis deepened.

The border closure announcement follows talks between Premiers Daniel Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Last week Queensland announced it would be opening its borders to all states but Victoria from July 10.

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6 Responses to NSW and Victorian border to close tomorrow night

  1. Seems tough that the borders at Mildura and Genoa be closed. Guess they fear that the townies from Melbourne will try to cross there.

  2. Well done Chairman Dan, I hope you are happy with your achievement as being the worst state premier in the country. Not only have you single handed destroyed Victoria economy, turned Victorian citizens into second rate citizens, turned every other citizen of Australia against Victorians, but now you have successfully managed to imprison all of the citizens of Victoria. You need to take a bow and collect your award as being the most incompetent, inconsiderable premier, (Chairman) in Australia, well done.

    • Very well put Shane, 100% on the on the money.

    • Shane, are you self medicating ? Do you not realise just what is going on in your state ? ( judging by your comments you are a victorian ) We have seen photos of the flea markets that have large amounts of tourists walking through, and they blame the tourists for not distancing…Who set up the stalls so close together ? Not all of your state has been shut down. There are certain areas that need to be confined for now until the problem can be isolated and the number of cases reduced… Our government has not taken one step backwards in trying to help the people get through these trying times..Be grateful that you are still healthy and able to travel outside of the areas that have to be closed to protect YOU Travel in your own state and spend it where it matters for now..

  3. Shane, seriously, it is it not the premiers fault that some in the Victorian precinct have elected to act irresponsibly and spread the virus throughout the Victorian community. The problem lies with the community and how they act rather than than the premier. All the protesters and people that have refused to be be tested need to take a good hard look at themselves. All premiers and the Feds have done an amazing job under the circumstances. Perhaps you need to take a look at the US or Latin America for a reference.

  4. No, not all Premiers have done an “amazing” job. Qld & WA Premiers have done an amazing job. Why, because they took a firm stand very early in the arrival of the China Virus. Dan and that Woman Premier in NSW did not act as was clearly required. And now to late. The buck stops with those at the top. I will admit you Vic’s are dealing with some very strange individuals over there.

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