4WD gutted, van damaged in suspicious campsite fire

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Cosy Corner campground fire
A LandCruiser was gutted and a caravan badly damaged by fire at Cosy Corner. PIC: Laurie Benson/Great Southern Weekender

A Toyota LandCruiser has been gutted and a caravan badly damaged in a suspiciously lit fire at the Cosy Corner campsite, near Kronkup, west of Albany in WA.

Police say the vehicles’ owners, who had been looking after the campsite for the past month, were asleep in their caravan when the 4WD’s alarm was activated just after midnight on Monday last week.

“The couple were woken up by the alarm going off, and the female had got out of the caravan and located her car on fire,” said Albany Police Acting Detective Sergeant Chris Macaulay.  “The partner’s come out and they’ve tried to extinguish the vehicle but it’s basically overwhelmed them, and they’ve then called the fire brigade.”

Local volunteer firefighters extinguished the blaze, and Albany police, detectives and forensic officers attended the campsite to investigate.

No one was injured in the incident, but the couple’s 200 series LandCruiser, worth $68,000, was totally destroyed, and their Regal Commander caravan valued at $120,000 was also significantly damaged

The Great Southern Weekender reports that police say a full jerrycan that was sitting near the LandCruiser escaped the flames, as did scrub around the campsite.

“They’re very lucky, to be honest,” said Acting Det Sgt Macaulay. “If it wasn’t for the car alarm being activated, it could have been a different story for them.”

Police say the popular campsite was housing ‘quite a few campers’ at the time of the incident.

The overall value of damage at the campsite is yet to be determined, but police believe it may be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Early indications are that the fire may have been deliberately lit.

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9 Responses to 4WD gutted, van damaged in suspicious campsite fire

  1. We traveled around Australia last year & felt safe at Gee campsites most of the time . We never camped alone there was plenty of others around us . Just got to ask how safe are you at campsites?? After reading this article

  2. We’ve camped at Cosy Corner on 2 occasions and been very safe, I doubt it was the location, if deliberate it would have been some ratbag people, maybe jealous of such a good rig! My heart to the owners, not only the shock and financial cost but obviously the inconvenience of their temporary home. Don’t let scumbags stop you from enjoying grey nomading or staying at Cosy Corner, it’s a good spot.

  3. Oh Dear if they were the caretakers of this camp they may have had a run in with someone and this was there cowardly revenge .I hope they catch whoever did this lighting any kind of fire in WA at the moment should be dealt with harshly it’s tinder dry here the whole place could have went up .I hope these people have somewhere to stay this may have been there permanent home they were very lucky .

  4. Feeling for you, nothing to do with the campsite, it’s a beautiful spot, we’ve camped there, beautiful people there when we were there. You never know when this could happen, unfortunately this was the time. Maybe it could have been a electrical fault.

  5. We were there that night with our kids. Scary stuff. If this was deliberately lit I hope the culprits are caught!

  6. Our hearts go out to them. Hopefully they were insured.

  7. We were camped opposite the caretakers that night. It was very frightening and very close to us. A group of campers from Albany were evicted from the campsite for disorderly behaviour 3 nights prior and threatened the camp hosts and told them they’d see them again. There is no doubt it was arson and something i never want to see again.

    • That’s terrible, but you have to remember that in this day and age you don’t know sorta drug affected sick cowardice Lunatic’s your dealing with

  8. Hers a thought out of the square.
    As the hosts were technically volunteers employed by the City of Albany and insured by this agreement, perhaps a claim can be made on their policy?

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