Queensland closes borders to all Sydney residents

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Grey nomads and Sydney
Sydney residents can no longer enter Queensland from 1am Saturday. PIC: Scott Powick / Escape

Queensland is to close its borders to all residents of greater Sydney from 1am on Saturday.

In a tweet, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said: “Queensland will close its borders to all of Greater Sydney, more hotspots will be declared and no one from Sydney will be allowed into Queensland.”

Queensland residents returning will have to isolate in a hotel for 14 days at their own expense.

The announcement comes after the Sunshine State reported two new cases of Covid-19 after two women travelled together from Victoria in circumstances the state’s chief medical officer called ‘very disappointing’.

“Both of the new cases are 19-year-old women, one from Logan and one from Acacia Ridge,” Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles said today.

Both of the women are now being treated at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

The pair allegedly failed to self isolate and then spent eight days in the community before testing positive to Covid-19. A police investigation is under way.

There have 19 new Covid-19 cases reported in New South Wales today. The ABC reports that Victoria is expected to record about 295 new cases.

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9 Responses to Queensland closes borders to all Sydney residents

  1. When is the government going to get tough with the people who do the wrong thing. These are the people who spread the virus by not following the rules. They were supposed to isolate and did not do it. They should be subjected to a substantial fine and if any deaths ensue from their deliberate flouting of the law, they should be subject to further penalties.

  2. I agree with Geoff.

  3. Common sense isn’t to comon anymore

  4. Western Australia has that Queensland selfish moron, Clive Palmer, taking the Western Australian Government to the high court for an unconstitutional closing of our state border. The rotten part of it is the federal Government is siding with him. Looks like I’ll have to vote for some other party if he wins. Labor here in WA have handled the COVID 19 pandemic brilliantly but because they are Labor, Morrison seems to be against them.

  5. Maybe these people not wearing masks and following isolation rules or crossing boarders illegally should be put on a list of people who would be last in line for medical treatment for Covid 19 or a vaccine should one be come available. As they seem to think that they are invincible and that no one else matters.

  6. I also agree with Geoff.
    I think it’s always the minority who don’t want to conform, don’t want to know or don’t have any idea.
    They only think for themselves, are unAustralian and very selfish.

  7. I agree with Geoff. They should be subjected to harsher penalties

  8. It appears from the media is reporting that the main age group who don’t care and flout corona virus rules and regulations are adolescents. That’s the 24 and under age group. How about placing this age group into a curfew situation. Unless there is a valid reason to out and about they ire in breach of the order. Automatic detention for 24 hrs. How can young people justify driving from Melbourne to Wadonga to eat at Macas and then drive back to Melbourne. This how the virus spreads. But they don’t care about the deaths they cause.

  9. Also agree with Geoff. Time to get tough. Make an example of these people flouting the rules to show how serious this is.

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