Grey nomads in lucky escape as caravan crashes

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Caravan rollover near Parkes
The accident happened on the Newell Highway near Parkes. PIC: Daily Liberal

A grey nomad couple were lucky to escape serious injury after the caravan they were towing jackknifed and their vehicle flipped onto its roof.

The accident happened yesterday afternoon on the Newell Highway south of Parkes in New South Wales.

The Parkes Champion-Post newspaper reports that the driver, a 65-year-old woman, and her husband removed themselves from the wreckage.

The couple who were travelling from Victoria were taken to Parkes Hospital by ambulance with minor injuries.

Initial investigations suggest the vehicle and caravan left the road and hit a colvert.

The Parkes Champion-Post reports that two motorists were then issued with heavy fines for failing to slow down to 40 kilometres an hour to pass stationary emergency service vehicles.

One woman was fined $725 and issued five demerit points for travelling in excess of 40 kilometres and for not displaying her P-plates. Another was fined $457 and issued three demerit points.

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3 Responses to Grey nomads in lucky escape as caravan crashes

  1. Less speed can actually get you there quicker, safer and without any nasty consequences. Hope they’re ok and they are able to dust off and resume their travels at some stage. Would be a shock indeed.

  2. I’m Australian through and through but find myself living in the UK just now where there’s more registered vehicles than the entire population of Aus and 3 times the population all squeezed into an area approximately the size of Victoria and all of these people and vehicles manage to get around the country without the utterly rediculous fines and number of traffick police which we have to suffer in Aus. While there’s a lot to miss about being home in Australia, I certainly don’t miss living in a Policed State. We all speed here probably far more than the average Australian motorist and yet without the overbearing presence of traffic police we all by and large manage to get around without killing each other on the roads….amazing huh?

  3. Leroy, amazing indeed. Relatives have visited the UK, Goodwood Festival, and were amazed at how easy to drive around there, without looking at the speedo every 5 seconds. We are being regulated, and fined into oblivion here. Many years ago I looked up the NSW regulations that a motorist could be fined for, and it numbered more than 1600 offences- I bet that figure has increased dramatically!

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