Two taken to hospital after car and caravan roll

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Caravan rollover in Geelong
The car and caravan rolled onto their sides  PIC: Alison Wynd / Geelong Advertiser

Two people were taken to hospital after a four-wheel drive and a caravan rolled over at Geelong in Victoria.

It is believed a ute and a car towing a caravan collided on the Colac Road off-ramp along the Geelong Ring Road.

The car and caravan rolled onto their sides.

CFA, SES and police crews attended the smash and thankfully found nobody was trapped inside their vehicles.

The two injured people were taken to Geelong hospital in a stable condition.

The rollover, which happened yesterday morning,  caused one Melbourne-bound lane to close, with traffic being diverted.

The stricken car and caravan were eventually towed away.

Investigations into the cause of the accident are ongoing.

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2 Responses to Two taken to hospital after car and caravan roll

  1. Yep the roads are very crowded & it doesn’t matter how good your driving, it still comes down to the nut behind the wheel

    We always contacts trucks if they’re behind us on our handheld radio to see if they want to pass & it works a treat. Reduces their frustration & makes safe passing.

    Found that cars / utes passing vans don’t give themselves enough room, remember it’s 12 m of car/van to pass


  2. Glad to hear all are well, but scary stuff

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