Happy ending to story of hit-and-run caravan saga

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CCTV footage of the accident last month
Flashback ... CCTV footage of the accident last month

The story of the teenage girl whose first ever car was badly damaged when a caravanner smashed into it in a McDonald’s car park last month has had a happy ending.

Ruby Burgess, 17, was distraught when she finished her shift flipping burgers at the restaurant in Tuggerah, New South Wales, to find she couldn’t even open the door of the car she had just paid off.

CCTV footage showed a vanner trying to get out of a tight parking spot before accidently backing onto Ruby’s prized 2007 Suzuki Liana.

The 4WDer left without leaving a note, but definitely left Ruby with a serious financial problem. The Daily Telegraph reports that while she had compulsory third party insurance she did not have comprehensive, and the vehicle would have been written off with the repairs costing more than she paid for the car.

However, following a spate of publicity about the teen’s predicament,  the owner of a West Gosford smash repair shop, Raffi Nercessian, offered to fix it for free.

Ruby was also given the use of a courtesy car before her Suzuki was returned to her as good as new.

“I don’t usually give loan cars out to anyone under 21 year’s of age but Ruby is a special girl,” said Mr Nercessian.

The smash repairer told the Telegraph that car park hit-and-runs “happen all the time” with unscrupulous drivers fleeing the scene rather than doing the right thing and leaving their details.

“The car looks amazing, it looks so clean,” said Ruby. “I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to have this done for me.”

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7 Responses to Happy ending to story of hit-and-run caravan saga

  1. Well done

  2. Hi Ruby you are so young there are a lot of beautiful out thre Raffi your kindness is amazing .What comes around goes around Karma ?i wish you both good luck .

  3. Happy Dayz for the As###le that damaged this poor girls car. Let’s hope Karma catches up with him or her.

  4. Raffi you’re a true blue champion – unlike the mongrels that damaged Ruby’s pride and joy – Hope everyone around Gosford area passes out the good works of Raffi. and even gives him the opportunity to quote for any damages to their vehicles.

  5. Should not be to hard to track down van owner. In this day and age you can clean up CCTV footage so that you can read number plate. He should never bee in there in the first place. Book him Dnao, fry his A***

  6. Good to see this young lady had a happy outcome. As for the van driver (and I am one too) obviously he/ she need to learn what driving a van is all about. I agree with Mick, I hope Karma catches up to you, a low act not owning up.

  7. What a wonderful gesture Raffi. I hope karma keeps your business flourishing.

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