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Crookwell fre RV parking
All talk, no action? Will Crookwell ever find a suitable site for free RV parking?

The seemingly endless saga of a possible free short-term RV camping area in the New South Wales town of Crookwell goes on … and on … and on!

The Upper Lachlan Shire Council has long declared itself keen to offer a facility that would encourage more grey nomads to visit the Southern Tablelands community, but it just can’t decide where it should be!

Almost exactly a year ago, it rejected the Roberts Street car park as a possible site after some less than enthusiastic community feedback. Now, the council has just decided it won’t be taking any action to develop a recreational vehicle parking area at an alternative location in Willis Park, either.

Newly elected mayor, Cr John Stafford, declared: “our councillors heard what members of the community had to say, and responded accordingly”.

Apparently, the objections the council received about the proposed site at Willis Park concerned impact to dog exercise areas, and possible impact on neighbouring residences.

So, is the town of Crookwell still serious about finding a suitable site for a free short-term camping area?

“The notion of finding a suitable site for RV parking was not lost entirely and the council will explore other options,” said Cr Stafford. “From discussions with other councils, it’s obvious that RV parking availability increases visitation and is a boost to local economies.”

Writing in the Crookwell Gazette, the new mayor said that even in areas such as Gundagai, where two caravan parks already exist, the RV parking facility is being well used and welcomed.

“The trick is,” he said. “And will be … finding the right site.”

  • Do you think Crookwell will ever find what it considers to be a suitable site for short-term free camping? Would you use it if it did? Comment below.

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10 Responses to ‘Grey nomads welcome … just not in my backyard!’

  1. Well they.ll just miss out.
    Other townships will benefit the rewards of grey nomads and travellers.

    • The District Council of Yankalilla on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula 80 kms South of Adelaide has the same problem. There are several potential sites suitable for free short term stays but none have been given approval because of concerns from a few local residents. The DCY, to their credit, has established a caravan/campervan wate dumping facility, you just can’t stay here unless you’re booked into one of the council owned parks.

  2. Is there an oval where the outer area can be utilised?? Even if only limited in spaces, it is better than the town missing out on travellers dollars.

  3. Upper Lachlan Shire is a great council, offering great facilities at two camps at Gunning which is a major economic boost for Gunning,we gave stayed there for about 3 weeks in the last 3 months
    Hope they come up with a solution for Cromwell such as the oval or simaliar

  4. There are free camps down by Abercrombie River National Park at Bummeroo Ford, Silent Creek and the Beach. Further camping at Taralga Showground (donation box).

  5. We’ve stayed at Crookwell’s little caravan park and also note there is showground camping. I can’t remember the cost but do remember it is modest with great showers. I don’t know why people expect something for nothing all the time and whinge about the costs. We travel on disability pensions and still enjoy a cuppa, grocery shop and fuel up. I think some travellers love to complain instead of enjoying themselves. Crookwell is a great little place.

  6. Smacks of “Eleteismn” in my book .NIMBY this lot are

  7. Hi, we just spent a week at Crookwell caravan park for the Gilbert reunion. The park was excellent ,toilets spotless and the camp kitchen as good as home. We paid $164 for 7 nights and spent all up in the town $673.Well done Crookwell.

  8. TYPICAL scream about wanting visitors – then do nothing , all visitors need is some space and impose some limits lke time stayed and self contained units only no Backpackers, campers and sleeping in cars – these people do not spend money

  9. Self Righteous Free Campers expect everything for nothing they won’t put money in at donation sites believing it’s optional and the fairies clean up after them, when they do it’s one dollar. Cannot wait for the price of petrol to go up to $2 then all the whingers will disappear.

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