‘Too hot to camp? Where have all the tourists gone?’

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Paradise Dam caravan park
The Paradise Dam Caravan Park during a previous tourist season, when the water level was higher. PIC: NewsMail

While bushfires are obviously having a huge effect on tourism in affected areas, the extreme weather that preceded the crisis is also being blamed for a downturn in some spots.

At the Paradise Dam Caravan Park, 100 kilometres south-west of Bundaberg in Queensland, bookings over the holiday period are massively down on previous years and park caretaker, Amanda Clarke, says there have been numerous cancellations.

She told the Bundaberg NewsMail that the park – which lies on the beautiful Burnett River near Biggenden – normally books out its 21 unpowered sites during the summer holidays but only filled three this time around.

“I’ve heard it is quiet everywhere,” said Ms Clarke. “I’ve had a couple of people here that did book in that were going to stay for a couple of days … but they did state that it was too hot.”

Ultimately, Ms Clarke said she was unsure whether the booking slump was ultimately due to bushfires, high temperatures, or reduced capacity of the dam … or a combination of all three.

Paradise Dam is currently at 39% capacity and the NewsMail reports there have been rumours that the area was stinky, and that were was no water for swimming or water sports.

However, Ms Clarke said there was still plenty of water to do these things, and that Sunwater had reopened its boat ramp and placed sand on the banks to increase the dam’s accessibility.

“We’re still pretty well a great caravan park, and we’ve got plenty of water for any of the water sports visitors want to do,” Ms Clarke told the NewsMail. “Fishing is actually a bit better because there’s less room for the fish to hide.”

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3 Responses to ‘Too hot to camp? Where have all the tourists gone?’

  1. Maybe the peak price have something to do with it
    A lot of parks cash in on kids holidays

  2. Interest rates are so low because many folk don’t have much disposable income, and so spending is down generally, so even relatively “cheaper” holidays might be a struggle for some people at this time of year..perhaps that’s a reason for cancelled holidays as well? …that and the heat and also fear of being stuck or threatened somewhere by bush fires?

    I do quite a lot of camping, caravanning and travelling through Queensland, and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t heard of this Caravan Park…so I’ll check it out myself next trip 🙂

  3. Its the prices and value for money.We are all over being ripped off,plenty of nice little spots cheaper,people are also travelling west to support drought ravaged little towns. Stevo

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