Julia Creek fights back from floods with dirt n dust

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Julia creek for grey nomads
Flashback … Julia Creek has previously suffered bad flooding.

Like many rural communities, the small Queensland town of Julia Creek has been doing it tough. After years of drought, the resilient community was this year hit by devastating floods that cost livestock and livelihoods … but it is refusing to throw in the towel.

Julia Creek has long believed that attracting grey nomads and making them feel welcome is a critical part of ensuring its long-term viability … and it has gone the extra mile in order to do that. It is often held up as a shining example of what country communities can achieve when they roll out the red carpet for caravanners and motorhomers.

The Julia Creek RV Friendly Rest Area offers self-contained vehicles a free 96-hour stay, and campers are even offered the free use of bicycles so they can ride into town and explore.

Perhaps most impressive of all is the way which the McKinlay Shire works with the Julia Creek Caravan Park for everyone’s benefit. The van park hosts weekly bush dinners at which free campers are more than welcome.

Now, with the impact of the floods still being felt, Julia Creek is relying on grey nomad support more than ever. Typically, it is not expecting anything for nothing and is putting in huge amounts of energy to make next year’s Dirt n Dust the most successful ever.

The event has a long history of providing an economic and tourism boost to the town, with the population swelling by over 500% during the weekend. But Dirt n Dust Committee President, Stephen Malone, says it is actually about more than just attracting visitors.

“We know that this event provides a huge economic boost to our town but, more than that, it also provides a huge morale boost,” he said. “The floods that came through earlier in the year decimated a lot of stations and properties in the surrounding area … but this gives us a chance to come together as a community, it gives us something to look forward to as well.”

The event will takes place from April 17-20 next year, and will include a triathlon, the Artesian Express Race Day, Fashions on the Field, nightly concerts, and the Dirt n Dust Bull Ride.

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6 Responses to Julia Creek fights back from floods with dirt n dust

  1. Had a great stay last year. Our stay at the caravan park was very enjoyable with our excursion into the bathhouses! We enjoyed the detailed history and videos of locals at the information centre. Hope to be back in 2020!

  2. We were camp hosts at Julia Creek September 2018, this was a GREAT experience and one that we can thoroughly recommend. If you haven’t been to Julia Creek you are missing out! Great community, great Council, and the people are just unbelievable.
    Help out if you can, you won’t regret it.
    Thanks Julia Creek, we will return!

  3. Julia Creek is synonymous with the Grey Nomad community as the shining light. We are yet to visit but by all accounts when we do get there it’ll be our pleasure to patronise every business we can. What goes around comes around and the example set by Julia Creek also needs to be acknowledged and supported by the travelling community. With ~5 months notice this is the ideal opportunity to reschedule the travel plans to give back to Julia Creek. Great article and all being well tourist numbers will boom.

  4. Many many a town could learn from the success Julia creek has had

  5. We have had the pleasure of visiting Julia creek twice in the last year- once in the caravan park to experience the fabulous artesian baths and bush dinner, then at the free camp just down the road. What a fantastic little town this is, and the McKinley shire sets a very high standard for other communities to aspire to. A lot of us retirees aren’t wealthy, but are happy to spend our money in these towns to repay the hospitality they show us. To steal a catch phrase- if you never, never go- you’ll never, never know!❤️❤️❤️

  6. Loved our stay at The Creek….. 4 nights free, then 3 at the Caravan Park.
    The gorgeous young Mayor is such a livewire….. making that town really fire! We had a great Monday night campfire dinner at the C. Park, a magnificent paddock to plate lunch at the turf club, and ,oh so many wonderful encounters with locals…… can’t wait to go back

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