Ready or not, the era of the driverless car is coming

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driverless cars hit the road
Hands free! Time to take a nap or make a phone call.

The dawn of the driver-free roads era is seemingly drawing ever closer with sci-fi like implications for the Big Lap of the future.

New South Wales motoring authority, the NRMA, has predicted that there could be one million driverless cars on Australian roads by 2035, with people potentially accessing the vehicles under a Netflix-styled subscription service.

The Australian newspaper reports that the six-month study into Australia’s driverless future indicates car ownership will drop substantially as people lease vehicle on a subscription basis, and driving licences will become redundant.

Among the major beneficiaries of the technological advances will be the elderly and the disabled who could be allowed to control driverless cars by the mid-2020s.

“People with epilepsy, narcolepsy, sensory disability, as well as the elderly and the young who are unable to hold a traditional driver’s licence, will be able to use point-to-point transport that meets their needs,” the report says.

NRMA president Kyle Loades told the Australian that driving skills will become a thing of the past.

“By the late 2020s, it’s likely to come to a point where you jump in your autonomous vehicle to go from Sydney to Brisbane or Melbourne at, say, 10pm, go to sleep while your vehicle drives you, and save on a night’s accommodation,” he said.

The Australian reports that the federal National Transport Commission is investigating the introduction of driverless vehicles into Australia, and road rules could be changed as early as 2020.

For grey nomads who find driving long distances in a large motorhome or towing a caravan too stressful, the driverless era has the potential to extend their travelling lives and, at the very least, make it more relaxing.

  • Do you think it will be a good thing if we ever see a world in which the ability to drive is a redundant skill? ┬áComment below.



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3 Responses to Ready or not, the era of the driverless car is coming

  1. In relation to the Dorothy Dixer at the end. It appears already that the ability to drive is already becoming redundant.
    When they can get the caravan to automatically unhook, level and set up, that would be worth looking at.
    Jules Verne made me never say never in relation to technology but I can’t see any of this occurring in my lifetime.

  2. Driverless cars would need to be electric and it is doubtful that they would be able to tow a caravan – I personally think the big 4WD will be here for a lot longer than the 20’s.

  3. Driving skills – they are the thing of the past now. People are only taught to get a licence, not taught how to drive. Big difference.

    Possum, I agree with your comments. The NRMA President reminds me of Bob Hawke -by 1990 no child will live in poverty We know how well that went!!!!!

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