‘$5 to use a dump point? As long as it’s a donation!’

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Grey nomads and dump points
Grey nomads are happy to 'donate' to use a dump point.

The idea of asking grey nomads to make a charity donation to use a dump point rather than ‘paying’ for the facility appears to be taking off.

A few months ago, the showground in the New South Wales town of Tenterfield handed over nearly $500 to the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter, courtesy of travellers donating $4 every time they used the dump point. Apparently, the same caravanners and motorhomers who had baulked at ‘paying’ a fee were more than happy to make a donation to a good cause.

Now, the Collie River Valley Tourist Park in Western Australia has donated $1,000 to the Shire of Collie Bushfire Brigades. The money came from visitors who were asked to make a $5 donation when using the RV dump point.

Park manager, Patrick Honeywill, said 95% of tourists were happy to make a contribution.

“People who stay here can use the dump point if they’ve got their own toilets in their caravans but, if they don’t stay here and they would still like to use the dump point, I ask them for a $5 donation, which goes to the firefighter brigades,” he told the Collie Mail. “Most people are happy to do so.”

The money will be used to go towards purchasing new equipment for the Allanson, Collie Burn-Cardiff, Collie-Preston, Harris River, Williams Road and Worsley brigades.

Mr Honeywill said he chose the brigades to donate to because of their association with helping out with emergencies in the region.

“When there are other fires in and around some of the free camping areas it’s those guys who protect the caravans,” he said. “It was a pleasure to give them the donation.”

Shire of Collie chief fire control officer Julian Martin told the Collie Mail the brigades were very grateful.

“Our bushfire brigades are over the moon to receive this donation, the second of its kind that has been donated by the Collie River Valley Tourist Park,” he said. “The amazing thing about this donation is that it was given as a voluntary donation by visitors who have come to our town from all over Australia and it is a wonderful gesture by the tourist park to collect it with the intent to donate it to us.”

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11 Responses to ‘$5 to use a dump point? As long as it’s a donation!’

  1. I have no issue with a donation box being placed near dump points but having someone asking me for a donation is a different thing.
    Plus i think this may lead to people dumping in the bush. Remember, a lot of these dump points were installed as a service to caravanners and to get people to stop in their towns.

  2. This is a great idea, perhaps other parks could learn from this move, there are probably other advantages for the parks that allow this to happen. We all know that we sometimes we are just passing through a place and when something catches our eye we put that place down on our list to revisit. I can see people using these dump points and perhaps thinking that this is a nice place to stay and it is then etched in their mind for next time they are passing through. Just a thought.

  3. Great idea. Happy to donate to local charities plus spend money in their communities.

  4. Do you have to donate EVERY TIME you use the dump point. If i camp near an area with a dump point do i donate everytkime i drive to town or evety 4/5 days??? Happy to donate when a one off use.

    • No I wouldn’t think so just in different places you go

    • Why not every time? $1 a day to dump my waste seems like a bargain to me Laurie.

  5. We never use dump points but if there is a donation box nearby for charities of any kind or helicopter flights for the elderly we will be the first to donate we always like to help

  6. Doesn’t really matter if it’s a donation or asked to pay, some of these great nomads just expect free , free free. Someone has to keep these sites clean and tidy so just pay the few dollars and instead of whinging about a few dollars get on and enjoy your travels.

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