Campsite amenities block totally destroyed by fire

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Eungella Dam campsite fire
The amenities block at Eungella Dam was completely destroyed by a fierce fire. PIC: Facebook/Daily Mercury

A fire at a popular north Queensland camping area has given grey nomads an almighty fright … and left authorities with an expensive toilet problem.

The amenities block at Eungella Dam Camping ground was completely destroyed when a blaze tore through it last week. While it remains unclear how the fire started, initial police investigations suggest the circumstances are not suspicious.

The Mackay Daily Mercury reports that firefighters were called to the camping spot late last Thursday night, but the building was ‘kindling’ by the time the crew arrive.

Camper Hope Parker told her paper that she and her partner were a hundred metres from the block and said she was woken up by the ‘smoking and popping’.

“The block was up in flames in 10 minutes,” she said. “Flames were high but only briefly, no trees or scrub close by that caught on fire.”

A SunWater spokesperson said the amenities block, which included five toilets, two showers and a urinal, was destroyed in the fire and will require a ‘complete rebuild’ at an estimated cost of more than $100,000.

However, the water corporation says it is committed to maintaining the amenities available at the campground.

The area is still open to campers and two temporary toilet blocks had been provided. There will be no shower facilities available until further notice.

“The cost to replace the amenity block has not yet been costed however is likely to be in excess of one hundred thousand dollars,” said the SunWater spokesperson. “A timeline for replacement will be determined once plans are confirmed.”

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  1. Anyone rebuilt the toilet block at eungella dam yet

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