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Cooktown 2020

Location: Cooktown

June 17, 2020 - August 4, 2019

Cooktown 2020 is a 48-day festival celebrating the arrival of James Cook 250 years ago, the scientific discoveries that were recorded during his 48 days on shore and the interactions that occurred between the crew and the Guugu Yimithirr people. Each weekend has been developed to explore a key theme relating to Cook’s time in the region and has events running from Friday night through until around midday on Sunday. In order to make this a genuine 48-day festival there will be exhibitions, competitions, tours and possible conferences which run between the major weekend activities.

June 17-21: Endeavour Festival which will include the Mayoral ball, flotilla,  royal visit, HMAS Endeavour tours, navigation expo, cartography expo, re-enactment.
June 26-28: Banks & Solander Festival which will include Banks’ Florilegium,  guided botanic regional tours,  opera in the gardens.
July 3-5: Something’s Cooking Festival which will include Captain Cook Off competition, the Captain’s Plate signature dish, paddock to plate showcase, At the Captain’s Table formal dinner.
July 10-12: Naidoc Week Celebrations which will include language workshops, life before Cook, dance festival, national reconciliation debate.
July 17-19: Shipshape art festival, re-enactment and reverse re-enactment, indigenous art fair, tropical trop fest, reconciliation remembrance ceremony.
July 24-26: Indigenous regional showcase which will include showcase events at Hopevale, Wujal Wujal, Coen, Laura, Quinkan Cultural-Centre.
August 1-4: Cooktown 2020 River Festival which will include Australian and Historic 2020 England vs Australia cricket match, opera in the park,  Captain Cook Society conference.

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